Wayne Patterson’s association with NAVE began in 2012 as just being a proud dad and groupie for his son John, one of the NAVE tenors. Little did he know, two years later, after being somewhat drafted as NAVE’s assistant travel coordinator, he would be encouraged to audition for a spot amongst the baritones. 

Over the years, Wayne’s vocal experience includes numerous church and school choirs, singing in musicals, and currently is a member of The Singing Men of North Central Texas.  With The Singing Men, he has toured Ukraine, Hungary, and Romania on concert tours/mission trips. 

He began in the stone ages as a trumpet and French horn player, and his instrumental experience includes playing French horn in everything from small ensembles to full scale symphony orchestras. He currently plays with the First Baptist Church Orchestra in Wylie, Texas. 

Although now retired, Wayne earned his keep as a Senior Technical Support Manager at AT&T where he worked with the various types of fiber optic equipment used for inter-office voice and data links. Wayne lives in Murphy, Texas with his wife Jeannie, also a dedicated NAVE groupie and proud mom. Together they have two kids, Cara and John, both of which have sung at Carnegie Hall. Aside from his now former role of “most dedicated NAVE groupie”, Wayne’s favorite pastimes include aviation as a private pilot and cruising the world’s oceans with Jeannie.