Paula Reid

Paula Reid graduated from UAH in 2002 with a Music B.A., concentration in voice, and uses her degree extensively as she sings to customers and coworkers at the software company where she is employed, Command Alkon, Inc in Birmingham, Alabama. While at UAH, Paula studied voice under Bonnie, and traveled with her to Europe in 2001 on a four-country tour, singing every part from Tenor 1 to Soprano 1 at some point in the repertoire. For NAVE, she generally covers just Alto 2 through Soprano 2.

Paula also serves NAVE officially as Logistics Officer, although she prefers to call herself LogOff. Paula is married to her best friend Troy, who is by day a Rehabilitation Director, and by night, a rock guitarist in the up and coming band Desperate Hero. They have a gorgeous and spirited 4- year-old daughter named Bailey. When Paula is not at work or at a NAVE function, you can find her in right field on her company softball team, praying for patience on her 2-hour daily commute, or watching Scooby Doo cartoons with her munchkin.