NAVE Voices is going virtual

August 2021

Click on: to see a teaser for #NaveBoston. We are using Soundjack to connect a rehearsal of singers on Brahms’ Ein Deustches Kyrie (not from the Requiem) in preparation for our worship participation on September 19th.  Go to our Youtube channel NaveVoices, subscribe,  and wait for more rehearsals.

November 2020

Rehearsals are happening for A Nave Soundjack Christmas

Christmas Rehearsal

Thanks for your excellent contribution, energy and faith in context with Soundjack – I just loaded the video up to the official demos because it really shows what potential SJ has when being used by people with the right attitude!

Dr. Alex Carôt, the creator of Soundjack

Christmans Rehearsal

October 2020 had a real rehearsal tonight. You will hear quite a bit of pops but that is because we are singing together from Maine to New York to Texas to Alabama. Ian HowellNicholas PernaJazzalex Masterman, Christian H, Bob AvantLucy Murphy made this possible with multiple tries, perseverance, and just a bit of luck from the Soundjack gods. Thank you, all. Stay tuned for more amazing rehearsals.
The Fastmusicbox is real. I think successful rehearsals will be possible, fairly easily, for sectionals, and depending on the distance, mixed groups. We were able to have seven together and hear everyone pretty well. (There were two couples in two locations, but this was 4 FMBs, and a custom-built computer that rocks.) We Zoomed with mute on, recorded from the SJ local site, and the two were put together on iMovie.


by Praetorius | 7 people singing

If Ye Love Me

by Tallis | 4 people singing

July 2020

Real-Time Rehearsal with Soundjack
Hear some of our Nave Voices in a real-time rehearsal using the low-latency platform Soundjack. While we only had seven of our many voices, NAVE Voices will be joining together in the future. Stay tuned for better recordings to come while we navigate new technology

June 2020

Great Czech rehearsals (even though we didn’t get everything done) and even better “party” afterwards. From Maine to Boston to NY to Alabama to Texas to Nebraska, NAVE Voices enjoyed singing and laughing!! Stay tuned for more, and keep singing no whatever time zone you are in!

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Czech Rehearsal, First

May 2020

Our Nave singers are still practicing for our future concerts.

Nothing can stop the singing! Here we have people from seven states and one foreign country. This is about half of our choir.

Stay tuned for another installment in Virtual NAVE Voices.

March 2020

To all the choirs out there, we can still meet for singing.
Don’t be afraid to try, and laughter is the best remedy for our souls!
We Zoomed it!!
And we welcomed a brand-new soprano to the group.
Stay tuned for more fun!

First Zoom Rehearsal