David and Janet Geist

Thanks Dr. Sneed for bringing us all together again, and meeting new friends too!

David & Janet Geist

David (tenor) and Janet (alto) Geist

Janet joined the UAH Choir after transferring from Wisconsin to Alabama to finish school near her boyfriend, David. It was both Janet’s and Dr. Sneed’s first year at UAH. David was frequently dragged to concerts and social events, and his carpentry and mechanical skills were soon realized. Dr. Sneed took advantage of these skills and opened her garage and tools for David to build risers, traveling trunks, and other needed items for the music department. He finally joined the choir his senior year. Janet and David continued to sing with the choir after graduation (graduation 94’, marriage 95’) in special concerts as well as David taking his lunch hour from NASA to sing with the UAH Mens’ Choir. They continued to sing with Fiat Canorous, a group of college friends that just couldn’t give it up after college. Both David and Janet volunteered their time as well with dog obedience and search and rescue, aiding law enforcement with lost, missing, and deceased persons using their canines. Life took on more challenges with work, David as a mechanical engineer for NASA, and Janet a stay home mom with two kids Sarah (15) and Daniel (13) so singing had to take a backseat for a while. Dr. Sneed’s invitation to join NAVE was joy to their ears. They were so excited to be singing wonderful music and reunite with many of their old college singing friends. They look forward to each spring and fall as concerts are planned and music practice begins.