NAVE weekends happen because each member pays his/her own expenses.
Some singers even anonymously pool their resources to help everyone attend our events.

We are not an official non-profit; we just like to meet annually to share great music, laughter, and food.
We do our own budgets, our own printing, recordings, and all the other details that more organized groups do through a board.
We find it easier just to volunteer our talents and our time.

These folks below make things easier for everyone, and we appreciate them!
Check back to see what other crazy positions we will add. There already have been numerous suggestions, because we do like our puns!”

  • LogOff 2.0: Wayne Patterson, Logistics Officer (finds us really good restaurants)
  • (LogOff 1.0: Paula Reid retired from the position to focus on being a softball mom)
  • GraphOff: Tammy Smith, Graphics Officer – the logo is her design
  • SoundOff: Richard Sneed, Sound Guy – responsible for live and mastered recordings
AND THE NEWEST, COVID-inspired officer:
  • TechOff: Walter Freeman, Technical/Computer Officer