Sing with NAVE


NAVE Voices does not hold regularly occurring auditions. Singers are chosen by invitation based on the criteria listed below. Selection is a two-step process that involves recordings followed by on-site rehearsals and performance.

Huntsville Rehearsal

The First Round of the Audition Process

  1. Submit a recording of you singing three warm-up exercises that the conductor will assign based on your voice part. The singer should decide what part he/she would like to sing. Especially for sopranos and basses, singers may be asked to “float” between soprano and alto, and baritones between bass and tenor. The singer should indicate if this is a possibility or if he/she prefers to stay on one part.
  2. Submit a recording of you singing the National Anthem, unaccompanied, in the key of your choice. You must indicate your beginning pitch.
  3. Submit a recording of your voice singing selected measures of the Josquin Ave Maria, unaccompanied and with appropriate Renaissance style. You may give yourself the starting pitch. We will supply a PDF of the score, and based on your voice part, we will assign the particular measures.

Recordings may be submitted through Dropbox, just ask the Conductor for the link. Upon receipt of the recordings, the Conductor will make a decision as to whether or not the candidate will be asked to follow the remainder of the audition procedure listed below. The Conductor reserves the right to consult the Audition Committee if necessary.

The Second Round of the Audition Process

After paying a one-time, non-refundable fee (pays for the music and contributes to the organization), prospective singers will be invited to attend a NAVE weekend, at which they will rehearse and perform with the choir. After that performance, the conductor, section and/or Audition Committee will determine whether or not to invite the prospective singer to join the ensemble on a regular basis.  Once selected to sing with NAVE Voices, neither the Singer nor the Choir is under any obligation to continue the association; and it may be severed at any time based on the recommendation of the Conductor and/or the Audition Committee. Prospective singers with NAVE Voices must be outstanding choral musicians who enjoy singing and perfecting the Choral Art, but equally important to the ensemble is finding those singers who also enjoy the social and travel components that are critical elements of NAVE Voices. Singers are chosen based on the needs of the particular section, the individual’s ability to learn challenging literature, his/her personality traits, and how he/she integrates with the ensemble. If a person is asked to leave NAVE Voices, the reason will be part of these combined elements. For information about our repertoire, look at our programs and repertoire list listed on the website. Our focus is on performing the highest quality choral literature available from a wide variety of periods and languages. We also have lighter pieces we incorporate into our concerts as the needs of our concerts warrant. Please contact Dr. Sneed at for more information or contact one of the NAVE Voices’ singers