Our Story

NAVE (The North American Vocal Ensemble) was born in May of 2012. We presented our inaugural concert in Atlanta in October. Little did we know how quickly we would be catapulted to new heights.

About the logo

This logo is based on the window of the Cathedral of Saint Philip, Atlanta, Georgia where NAVE first performed.

During our second series of concerts (Orlando, 2013) it so happened that amongst the audience was Matt Straub, the head of Performing Arts Educators. Mr. Straub not only was impressed by the high level of NAVE’s music, but he went a step further. After the concert he wasted no time before he invited NAVE to Carnegie Hall for a performance in January of 2014. Previously he had only scheduled dancers, but Mr. Straub had been wanting to begin featuring choirs as well. When he witnessed the energy, vitality, and professionalism of NAVE, he knew that we were the choir he had been SEEKING. This not only was an honor for NAVE but also a well-earned reward for all of our hard work. Upon receiving the invitation to perform, Dr. Bonnie Sneed, the conductor of NAVE, and Dale Bierce, the leader of WSDC, put their artistic heads together to brainstorm the many ideas and possibilities for the event. Voila, the adventure began!

The January 18th, 2014 performance was a collaboration with other choirs, but NAVE was the main featured choir. The extravaganza also shone a spotlight on the accomplished dancers of the West Side Dance Center (WSDC) of Succasunna, New Jersey.

When we made our joint Carnegie debut entitled “World Voices in Motion” the dancers of WSDC shared the stage with us for three of our pieces: “Babethandaza”, a lively African praise song; “Lux aeterna” by Edwin Fissinger, a modern work using the Latin text from the requiem mass; and, as our grand finale for the entire concert,  “Hallelujah” from Beethoven’s Christ on the Mount of Olives.

The description you have been reading is under the heading “Our Story.” Perhaps that title should actually be “Our Story So Far.” After all, we have only just barely begun to warm up our voices and here we are headed to new cities and countries!
Who knows where our adventure will take us in the future? We’d love it if you would come along for the ride!