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Real-Time Rehearsal with Soundjack

Real-Time Rehearsal with Soundjack

Hear some of our Nave Voices in a real-time rehearsal using the low-latency platform Soundjack. While we only had seven of our many voices, NAVE Voices will be joining together in the future. Stay tuned for better recordings to come while we navigate new technology

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Contact us at NAVEVoices12@gmail.com.

We will send you an address where you can send a check and no fees are involved at all.

  • $1000 - Angel - receive a photo of NAVE signed by the conductor and selected recordings from our various concerts sent to you on a CD, flashdrive, or as a mp3 file. Your choice!
  • $700 - Adopt a Singer - this will pay for one singer's travel fees. You will receive a signed photo of NAVE by the conductor, and a note from the singer you adopted.
  • $250 - Conductor - receive a photo of NAVE signed by the conductor and conduct one of our pieces in a future concert.
  • $65 - Supporter- receive a photo of NAVE.
  • $25 - Friend - Thank you! Every bit helps and we appreciate your support!
  • $___ - Create your own level of giving